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  • Seeking, Competitive advantage, For small coffee firms in Nicosia, Cyprus by Iordanis Katemliadis and George Markatos
  • Time for De-Marketing? by Iordanis Katemliadis
  • The implications of Ayia Napa’s youth market over Cyprus’s Destination Image and Sustainable development by Iordanis Katemliadis and George Markatos
  • Will COVID-19 be the standpoint of controlling over tourism? By George Markatos and Galina Berjozkina
  • No one is leaving this time: Social Media Fashion Brand Communities in the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management by Zanete Garanti
  • Building Corporate Reputation through Social Media Marketing Efforts: The Mediating Role of Corporate Brand Credibility in the International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising by Zanete Garanti
  • The effect of servant leadership on innovative work behavior and employee knowledge sharing in the Latvian ICT sector in the Baltic Journal of Management by Zanete Garanti
  • Destination brand co-creation: projected vs perceived destination image. By Zanete Garanti and Galina Berjozkina

Books and book chapters

Published books:

Upcoming books and book chapters:

  • The Importance of Tourism for the Greek Economy: Traits and Developments chapter in Emerald publishing titled: Entrepreneurship and Global Economic Growth co-authored by Iordanis Katemliadis
  • Rebranding destinations for sustainable tourism recovery post-Covid-19 crisis in Routledge Books Ethics of Tourism Series: Edited Book Title COVID-19 and Tourism Sustainability: Ethics, Responsibilities, Challenges and New Directions co-authored by Zanete Garanti, John Violaris, Galina Berjozkina and Iordanis Katemliadis
  • Hotel Animation by Galina Berjozkina
  • Attitudes (stereotype and prejudice) of local people towards seasonal tourism workers in Routledge Book Series: SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY OF TOURISM co-authored by Galina Berjozkina and Zanete Garanti

Academic conferences

Participation in past academic conferences:

  • Berjozkina, G. (2020). From Overtourism to Undertourism: Destinations Highly Depending on Tourism. (p. 19-21) International Conference on Social Sciences, Humanities and Management Studies. 20th December, 2020, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Berjozkina, G. (2020). Approaches to promote local travel when facing Undertourism: a case of Cyprus. IX International Research-to-Practice Conference “Society Transformations in Social and Human Sciences”. 11th-12th December, 2020, Riga, Latvia
  • Garanti, Z., Berjozkina, G. (2021). Sustainable Destination Image: A Tool to Market Sustainable destinations? 3rd Tourist Conference - Sustainable Tourism: Building Resilience in Uncertain Times. 3rd-4th February, 2021, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Garanti, Z. (2020). Innovative Marketing Approaches Applied by Tourism Influencers in 2020. 9th International Research-to-Practice Conference “Society Transformations in Social and Human Sciences” held on 11th – 12th December 2020 in Riga, Latvia.
  • Garanti, Z. (2020). #Stayhome Impact on Long Term Travel Decisions: Experienced Traveller and Travel Influencer Perspective. International Academic Institute (IAI) virtual academic conference on May 20, 2020.

Participation in upcoming academic conferences:

Research Projects

  • C​hrysostomi Maria Kyrillou is actively taking part in the project Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union DevOps Competences for Smart Cities. The DEVOPS project aims to close the gap between today’s and future’s skills demands of municipal workforce by emphasizing on the exploitation of emerging employment paradigms such as DevOps. More information about the project can be found in the link:
  • C​hrysostomi Maria Kyrillou is actively taking part in the project Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union Promote Education, Participation and Projects for Youth – PEPPY. The PEPPY project adopts a two-pronged approach: 1) Working on the desire for creative freedom of young people in project mode to encourage and support their entrepreneurial skills and reveal their potential doe skills acquisition 2) Initiation of a territorial, collaborative and proactive educational and pedagogical dynamic in order to reinforce the evolution of teaching professions on the subjects and positions of tutoring to strengthen each young person's autonomy skills.

Journal of Regional Economic and Social Development published by Rezekne Academy of Technologies, Latvia and City Unity College Nicosia, Cyprus

Journal of Regional Economic and Social Development publishes original research papers in the field of social sciences emphasizing the regional specifics and problems. The issues studied in these papers are not subject to any limitations. Journal organizers: The Journal is a collaboration between Rezekne Academy of Technologies, Latvia and City Unity College Nicosia, Cyprus. Journal is indexed in Index Copernicus and EBSCO data bases.

Chief editors: Anda Zvaigzne, Rezekne Academy of Technologies, Latvia; Zanete Garanti, City Unity College Nicosia, Cyprus

Recent Issue: Vol 1, No 12 (2020)

Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes (WHATT) Special Issue

Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes is an Emerald Publishing Limited academic journal that provides thematic reviews of the major challenges facing the tourism and hospitality industry today. Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes aims to make a practical and theoretical contribution to hospitality and tourism development by focusing on key industry issues. Every theme issue consists of an interrelated collection of articles that taken together, address a strategic industry challenge.

The academics of City Unity College Nicosia have started their work on a Special Issue proposed and edited by Associate Professor Zanete Garanti (City Unity College Nicosia) and Senior Lecturer Galina Berjozkina (City Unity College Nicosia), and accepted by WHATT editor Dr. Richard Teare. The Special Issue will be published as volume 14, number 4, year 2022.

The theme issue title is What are the challenges and opportunities for tourism sustainability in Cyprus? The theme issue will empathize industry-academia-public sector cooperation and aims to provide practical and theoretical implications for the sustainability of the tourism industry in Cyprus. In the light of the economic and health crisis faced by all countries, discussing sustainability approaches and challenges is particularly important, as many countries will aim for quick economic recovery, rather than a slower approach to more sustainable tourism industry in the future.

Writing team will consist of academic from City Unity College Nicosia (Galina Berjozkina, Zanete Garanti,, George Markatos, Iordanis Katemliadis, Stathis Kolongou, John Violaris, Constantinos Charalambous), other academic institutions in Cyprus, industry professionals as well as tourism and hospitality students.

Encyclopaedia of Tourism Management and Marketing


Edited by Professor Dimitrios Buhalis, this will be a comprehensive Encyclopedia that will cover all aspects of Tourism Management and Marketing. It will serve as a defining reference work in the field for years to come. The Encyclopedia will consist of between 800 and 1000 alphabetically-ordered entries, covering cutting-edge topics. The Encyclopedia will be published in print, as an eBook on all of the major eBook aggregators, and will also be made available on Elgaronline. City Unity College academics has contributed with 4 entries to Encyclopaedia:

  • Digital Marketing (Zanete Garanti)
  • Undertourism (Galina Berjozkina)
  • Destination Management (Iordanis Katemliadis)
  • Stakeholder networks (Iordanis Katemliadis anf George Markatos)