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Visual Merchandising Για Μικρομεσαίες Επιχειρήσεις

Visual Merchandising Training is essential to the success of any great visual team or retail store.

Just like a great piece of fine art, Visual Merchandising also has rules, guidelines and principles that help in creating a store experience that can be compared to a work of art. We learn and teach the rules so that we know when and where to apply them, and sometimes when to break them.

Visual Merchandisers must also master basic skills and learn techniques to complete tasks effectively, efficiently and with a level of safety and quality that meets the expectations of the modern consumer.
Main goal after our Visual Merchandise course is to train people in many of the hands-on skills, and teach the rules of basic merchandising principles in practice.

Aim of the seminar

  • Visual merchandising helps to promote fashion merchandise.
  • Visual merchandising is a desire to attract customers.
  • It helps to display and express detail about new products.
  • It helps to create eye-catching product displays and store layouts for retail shop.
  • To attract customers about product in an effective and creative way and encourage them to buy or to buy more.
  • Developing an innovative medium to present product in 3D environment, there make able long lasting impact and recall value.
  • It helps to promote overall retail store image in consumers mind.
  • It introduces ways to merchandise easily to locate in the retail shop.
  • It helps to show merchandise assortment easily.
  • To get into detail of store decoration exterior and interior.
  • Build a relationship between fashion, product design and marketing by keeping the product in leading focus position.
  • It is the combination of creativity, technical knowledge and operational aspects of merchandise and the business.
  • It helps the customer to take purchase decision within shortest time.
  • It helps you to determine space allocations equal to the movement of the product
  • It helps you to determine a layout that is easy to follow for customers and those who reorder product
  • It indicates how to make a dedicated space for new, featured or promotional products