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Understanding Financial Statements & Budgeting

Knowing how to work with the numbers in a company’s financial statements is an essential skill. The meaningful interpretation and analysis of balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements is also essential. However, the diversity of financial reporting requires that we first become familiar with certain general financial statement characteristics before focusing on individual corporate financials.

Aim of the seminar

  • How financial statements are created
  • How major balance sheet and income statement positions are valued
  • What the cash flow statement shows
  • Why companies use different accounting policies and how financial reporting differs from tax accounting
  • Why the auditor show up at the company and how to interpret his/her opinion
  • Can reported earnings be improved without moving from behind the desk
  • Understand how business decisions made by you impact key elements of your company’s financial statements.
  • Feel more confident when talking to partners from the finance department.
  • Reach for the financial statements of your own company, as well as those of your counterparties and competitors in order to find needed information.