MD Abdulah

My Erasmus journey was like a ride in a plane. It was full of uncertainty but it was surely worthwhile. When I was chosen to represent our college, I was honored to showcase what I am capable of doing. I have spent my time achieving my dream of going somewhere outside my comfort zone. Other people might say that my dream is high but I believe that it is possible if I soar high. I am more than thankful to City Unity College for supporting me throughout this journey and for helping me spread my wings to go this far. I can always recall the feeling when our plane going to Bulgaria took off. I was really excited to meet people from different cultural backgrounds, even though I didn’t expect that I could create friendships with a strong bond. Thus, lifetime lessons do not take place only within the four walls of the classroom.

I am proud enough to say that I have grown to be a man with great vision. I learned to cope with my surroundings and even during the outbreak of coronavirus I was still able to live my Erasmus life like a normal student. My heartfelt gratitude to Varna University of Management for embracing us and handling the challenging situations with grace. Online classes were fun, full of excitement and  learning. This pandemic has taught me how to see the positive side of every situation. It taught me how to be grateful amidst the difficult situations in which we need to avoid face to face teaching. This new normal teaches me to normalize valuing even the smallest things in my life.

I have seen a different perspective that granted countless realizations. First, friends are true jewels. Each one of us needs a supportive environment to grow and glow. Second, every culture is different yet unified by our pure intentions to respect and empathize. Kindness is a language and it is a virtue that can never go wrong. Lastly, time is precious so never miss a day to smile and to spread positive vibes around you. In this time of distress, don’t be the source of negativity. I have found out that it is the people that make the place wonderful. It is not just the destination  but the journey that makes the trip worth remembering. My Erasmus journey will never end because all these lessons have been tattooed in my heart and I am going to live my life by making use of these virtues.