M.Sc. in Health Psychology (Cardiff Met)


This M.Sc. programme aims to produce high quality graduates that are in a good position to improve health and well-being by using specific psychological knowledge and skills.

The programme is specifically designed with future employability in mind and provides a student centred approach to preparing graduates for future training and / or careers.

Some graduates go on to complete further training to become fully qualified health psychologists, but many others go on to work in health-related career roles including health promotion, education, health and well-being at work, research or develop their own businesses.

Programme Aim
  • Develop reflective graduates of health psychology, who may go on to complete further study to become practitioner health psychologist.
  • Develop graduates who have the ability to critically apply theoretical knowledge and understanding in applied settings.
  • Advance the skills of a competent research user and an approach to practice which is based on research evidence and theoretical principles.
  • Extend students’ theoretical knowledge and understanding of health psychology.
  • Enhance students’ understanding of the planning, implementation and evaluation of health psychology intervention programmes.
  • Assimilate an ethical approach to the work of a health psychologist in training.
Programme’s Thematic Areas
  • Research Methods and Design
  • Bio-psychosocial Issues in Health
  • Health Psychology and the Health Psychologist
  • Changing Health Behavior
  • Chronic Illness, Stress and Pain
  • Communication in the Health Care Context
1st Year – 1st Semester (Total 85 Credits) Required
Changing Health Behavior HPL 7017M 20 credits
Biopsychosocial Issues in Health HPL 7019M 20 credits
Health Psychology and the Health Psychologist HPL 7016M 20 credits
Research Methods and Design HPL 7005M 15 credits
Dissertation Proposal FPS 7006 10 credits
  1st Year – 2nd Semester  (Total 95 Credits) Required
Chronic Illness, Stress and Pain HPL 7018M 20 credits
Communication in the Health Care Context HPL 7020M 10 credits
Research Methods and Design HPL 7005M 15 credits
Dissertation FPS 7007 50 credits
Admission Requirements
The programme is open to all applicants who:
  • Hold a bachelor degree (or equivalent) from an accredited or otherwise recognized institution (the undergraduate major doesn’t need to match up with your graduate programme).
  • Alternatively have several years of work experience, at positions of relevance, in the field of the graduate programme; recommendation letters are welcome.
  • Meet the English Language Proficiency Requirements
Useful questions and answers
What is Health Psychology?
Health Psychology is a relatively new field of Applied Psychology and includes research and practice on the role of psychology in health and illness. The main subject of Health Psychology is to understand how psychological, biological, environmental and cultural factors impact on individual health and illness. Health Psychology studies how personal, psychological and social factors are involved into:
  • the maintenance and promotion of health
  • the development and prevention of illness
  • the patient’s adjustment to their illness
  • the doctor-patient communication.
A Health Psychologist aims to understand for example:
  • why some people smoke or exercise while others don’t?
  • what factors in an intervention influence positively behavior change?
  • Among these factors what influences sustained behavior change?
  • what factors reinforce the diagnosis of an illness and why some people who are exposed to the same environmental variables are not diagnosed with the same illness?
  • Why people react differently to the diagnosis of a chronic condition?
Where do Health Psychologists work?
Health Psychologists work in multidisciplinary teams which can include doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, clinical psychologists, dieticians etc. With the right training they can work into hospitals, private clinics, research centers and into to programs for the promotion and maintenance of health. A Health Psychologist with the appropriate training can:
  • work with the patient to help him understand the changes he experiences due to his illness, to reconcile with the requirements and limitations imposed by the illness and to adapt to the therapies needed to recover.
  • to deal exclusively with research on psychological issues related to health and illness, such as, but not limited to, compliance with the treatment or management of stress resulting from chronic diseases.
  • to engage in the design and promotion of health promotion programs in schools, communities and the media.
Why to choose our program?
This is the only MSc in Health Psychology in Cyprus. The program is offered in collaboration with one of the largest universities in England, the Cardiff Metropolitan University, and provides students with the opportunity to attend part of the courses in England. Students have the opportunity to be trained next to academics with many years of experience in Psychology, Psychology of Health and Research as well as in adult Teaching. Graduates are given the opportunity to continue their studies at Ph.D. level at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Training takes place at their modern City Unity Nicosia facilities. Through this program you will gain knowledge and skills in how the mind affects the body and how human behavior is determined by previous experiences and perceptions.

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